4758. Early registration of securities

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    1. Prior to the receipt of payment, a Dealer Member must not register any security, with the exception of a new issue on a date before the close date, in the name of the client or his or her nominee. A Dealer Member’s absorption of bank or other charges incurred by a client or his or her nominee for the registration of a security will be considered an infraction of this requirement.

    2. After the receipt of payment, a Dealer Member may absorb transfer fees incurred in the transfer of a security according to a client's instructions.

    3. Despite subsection 4758(1), a Dealer Member may register an eligible security in the name of, or in the name of a nominee of, a self-administered registered retirement savings plan registered under the Income Tax Act (Canada) before payment is received if, before the securities are registered, a Dealer Member obtains an unconditional guarantee from the trust company administering the plan.

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