4509. Confidentiality

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    1. Subject to subsection 4509(3), all Dealer Members and inter-dealer brokers must maintain the confidentiality of the names of the parties to a trade.
    2. Dealer Members and inter‑dealer brokers must not ask questions to try to discover the identity of a party.
    3. Certain information may be disclosed as follows:
      1. for a trade that is done through an inter‑dealer broker, a Dealer Member may disclose the identity of a party to only counterparties to the trade after the trade is completed,
      2. an inter‑dealer broker may inform a Dealer Member that it does not have a line of credit with the other party to the trade before a market is made, as long as it does not give any other information about that party,
      3. for a name “give up” trade, the full names of parties must be disclosed to counterparties to the trade at the time of the trade to ensure that Dealer Members follow proper credit procedures, and
      4. subsections 4509(1) and 4509(2) do not prevent Dealer Members or inter-dealer brokers from asking or answering questions to determine the size of the bid or offer.

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